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Christine Carlsten


Address: 879 Windemere Drive, NE, Atlanta, GA 30324

Area Served: Central Georgia, Metro Atlanta, Northeast Georgia, Northwest Georgia


Christine Carlsten is a pioneer in the field of conflict resolution. Chris is a curriculum designer, system designer, mediator, facilitator and teacher.
She explores conflict and its’ resolution in literature and teaches conflict resolution skills to people of all ages, from 3rd and 4th graders in several Cobb County public schools, to inmates in the Fulton County Jail, to college and graduate students and adult professionals through appointments at the University of Georgia, Georgia State University’s CNCR at the College of Law, Emory University and Randolph-Macon Woman’s College.

Chris first learned CR skills in 1970 at George School, a Quaker Institution where she taught English literature. She continued her studies at The Justice Center of Atlanta, The Divorce Mediation Institute, and Advanced Practitioner Trainings at ACR Educators for Social Responsibility and
Advanced Mediator Institute in South Carolina. She studied the Truth and Reconciliation Conferences in South Africa, visiting universities, NGOs and the police to gain a deeper understanding of the conflict transformation that South Africans created.

She maintains an active mediation practice devoting her career exclusively to resolving disputes in many arenas since 1985. She has worked with medical professionals and staff in Veterans Administration Hospitals all over the USA; trained EO officers in the Army; the Department of Defense, the NSA; and other government agencies resolving their disputes and training personnel in the USA, Europe and Asia. Much of her current practice is devoted to Domestic issues such as divorce, legitimations, child custody issues, parenting plans and child support and property division.

Chris developed, designed and directed the Conflict Resolution Program for Deputies and Inmates for the Fulton County Sheriff under the Urban Jail conflict Reduction Education Program funded by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Counsel and Project Pulling America’s Communities Together. The program is now in its; 17th year and is fully funded through the Inmate Welfare Fund. A major unexpected consequence and major plus of the program was that it shifted the culture on the trained zones and made deputies deal more effectively with inmates for whom they are responsible. The

Trainees, who successfully completed the program, have a greater level of success in the outside world because the program gives both skills, and on-going support to those willing to maintain their involvement.

In 1985 Chris developed and ran the shelter for homeless women and children that later became Cascade House in South East Atlanta. She continues to teach conflict resolution skills to residents at Sherith Israel’s Shelter for Women.

Chris’s life long passion has been social justice and fairness to all people. She believes that mediating conflicts where both parties emerge with needs met is one step to creating peace a piece at a time. Her greater mission is to teach others the skills of conflict resolution so that they can become powerful change agents in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Chris lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband, Jon. She has two grown daughters a son-in law and a 3 year old granddaughter.
She is a member of 2 book clubs.

Registered Categories: Domestic Relations Mediation General Mediation Specialized Domestic Violence Mediation

Mediation Experience: Business Employment Family Government Juvenile Probate

Phone: 404-872-6657